WELCOME                                                Women Board Candidates, Executives & Entrepreneurs

          wE NEED AN ARMY OF WOMEN WHO ARE READY TO SIT ON BOARDS --               and my goal is to train 1,000 women (see kpi's for progress)


 Now more than ever, boards are looking for qualified women candidates, so if you want to be on a board, it is time to get ready. Is that you?  Do you want to sit on a board?  ACE BOARD TRAINING FOR WOMEN can help you get there. 

ACE BOARD TRAINING FOR WOMEN will take you on a journey, exploring your value proposition and helping you to identify the boards that are most in sync with your beliefs and passions.  Digging deep to find a board seat that suits you is key to long term success and will provide a valuable experience for both you and your fellow Board members.  This program will show you how to find that Board seat. What change do you want to see?  Are you ready to be a game changer?

  I bet you have what it takes, because I know something about you already - you are bold, tenacious, determined and have perseverance.  You are out there slaying the dragon every day, and the world needs you to keep going, keep building and keep succeeding, right now.

 I am stepping up to be the change I want to see in business -- a unified direction with diversity and respect, in that which then each one uses to teach the other. That is, men speaking and women speaking with equal knowledge and authority resulting in improved ROI and strategic development for purposeful success from more diversity on boards and in leadership roles.

Want to join? Check out our board training for women only. 

"Fearless Girl" photographed by Federica Valabrega

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