Is there a fearless girl inside of you?   "Fearless Girl" photographed by Federica Valabrega

Is there a fearless girl inside of you?

"Fearless Girl" photographed by Federica Valabrega

**In 2016, women directors lost ground. The current pace for women to reach parity with men on boards on Fortune 500 companies is projected to be in 2032.
— 2017 - The Heidrick & Struggles Board Monitor: Board diversity at an impasse?

That is where ACE Board Training for Women comes in - I've created a comprehensive training program for women who want to join boards. Many women are not aware that corporate and some private boards are PAYING positions and can be a very lucrative way to be compensated. As a seasoned corporate board member, I am passionate about achieving gender balance in the board room (50/50), preparing women to be "board ready" and teaching women how to win a board seat.

This is where you come in - we need an army of board ready women to fill those new director positions as they open up. At the current pace for women getting on boards, women would not account for 50% of new directors for the first time until 2032**!

We Need an Army of Women who are Board Ready

Research shows that companies with a higher participation of women in decision-making roles generate higher returns on equity.  Yet in the US, only 16.6%* of corporate board seats are held by women, reflecting a major shortfall in optimal balance for maximum return on investment. Up until recently the board selection process has commonly been via "the good ole boy network", subsequently leaving women out. But times are changing due to pressures from investors and shareholders and more boards are now actively seeking diversity, creating opportunities for qualified women candidates. 

*Percentage of women on boards by country show the US at 16.6% and Canada at 20.5%
— 2016 Credit Suisse Report - The CS Gender 3000; The Reward for Change