“Michele and I are in completely different lines of work, and that turned out to be an incredible asset. Due to our different corporate backgrounds, Michele was not familiar with the jargon that my industry used and I had throughout my resume. This is not something I had considered prior and with her insightful illumination of that fact, we were able to craft a meaningful board resume and board CV that focused on tangible skills that I bring to the boardroom.”
— Kim Carver, Board Mentee, Media Execuitve
I COULD NOT PUT DOWN YOUR BOOK, Secrets of a Closet Millionaire. The book is amazing and I would love to chat with you about it. And, I am sending a copy of it to my friend’s daughter who is receiving her Master’s Degree tomorrow. On another note, I am sending emails to family and friends to buy the book. I bought my 4 copies from Amazon—This book is a MUST READ for so many people.
— Kathy Walton, Principal, The Basic Industries Group
I have been struggling with how to express my outright gratitude to you for leading our workshop on Saturday. You showed what a professional you are – at whatever you do. I have had people I looked up to as markers, but times change, and my needs or situation changed, and I left the meeting feeling lifted or released again by you. Thank you for restoring something in me which I might call balance and perspective.
— Lois Brooks, President, Women in Mining
Michele is the first person to teach me the fundamentals of personal finance, and she changed mine and my husband’s lives, and our marriage, forever. There is nothing more important than knowing you have financial stability and freedom. It gives shape to your deepest dreams and allows you the strength to move mountains.
— Val and Dan Griswold
Testimoinial from Vancouver ACE Group 2018 May.
” thank you for all your efforts in making the course such a great learning and growing opportunity for us. I truly feel as though I have new group of supportive ladies, confidants, and coaches within arms reach at all times. You went above and beyond to not only support, teach and enrich us, but you also thought of the most minute details that made the experience extra special for us.

Michele – I’m so proud of you for following this dream and making it happen, you have had a tremendous impact on our lives and I look forward to watching this movement grow over the years to come.