ACE Board Certification Training for Women 2019

In-Person - offered in Denver, Vancouver and Toronto

    8-Week Program Description - All Inclusive   

  Part I: 4-Days in Retreat at a Resort, followed by 8 Weeks of Homework

Part II: Full Day In-Person Training in the City Center

  2019 Programs now available in Denver, Vancouver and Toronto

Contact: Michele Ashby, Principal ACE LLC, 720-635-1005, Michele@ACELLC.Consulting

Program fee includes tuition, books, case materials & workbook


About the program

This specially designed program features a rigorous 8-week curriculum which is customized to provide corporate director training for professional women. Participants will learn the skills to be an effective board member and gain practical tools for landing a seat on a corporate board.  By the end of the program, the candidates will have the tools and insider tips to be prepared to take their place on a board. In an intimate setting, delegates will learn alongside other women in a collaborative structure. Individual coaching sessions are also included

There are two in-person parts to the program, i.e., PART I is made up of all-inclusive 4 days in retreat followed by 8 weeks of home study, then PART II is a full training day going in depth into the material and anchoring new skills. The number of participants is limited so as to maximize individual attention and focus. Delegates will discover how to use their networks and gain insight into choosing the right board opportunities for them. Candidates will understand how to contribute meaningfully as a director and how to incorporate a corporate directorship into their career plan.

Program fee US$7,500 (Early Bird is US$7,000 – see registration forms for cut-off dates). Fees include tuition, lodging, coaching sessions, meals, books, case materials, workbook and Corporate Directors International LLC (CDI.LLC.D) Certification Exam (see more details and terms under Fees, Payments and Cancellations section)

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curriculum outline

PART I: 4-Day Retreat Training

Day 1: Evening session

·         Hotel Check in

·         Registration and dinner

·         Program -- Presentations on Board Governance and Board Preparation (Introductory)

Days 2 & 3: Full-day sessions

Board Preparation Topics:

o   Your Board Ready Profile

o   Board Resume

o   Your Personal Profile

o   Your value propositions/your authority

o   Types of Boards

o   Marketing yourself

o   Imposter Syndrome

o   Sizing companies

o   Board compensation

o   Finding companies - Research – SEDAR, DBJ. Wall Street Journal, Industry Association lists, Web sites, Investor calls

o   Your Action Plan – Finding boards that would welcome you

Board Governance Topics:

o   Roles and responsibilities of a board member

o   Special Committees – how they work

o   Hours required – reading – your responsibilities

o   Patriarchal Business Model

o   Board culture – Board gender dynamics

o   Relationships with CEO, Chairman, and executive team

o   Shareholder value, Stock prices and activist investors

o   Board Role play

Day 4: Half-day session

·         Review Board Resume Draft

·         Accounting Game Workbook review and Pre-test

·         Action Plan set up

·         Assignments and explanations of materials to take home and work on

·         Accountability partners assigned

Home Study:

The 6-8 weeks in between the retreat and the one-day program, is time for the accounting workbook, working on assignments, accountability meetings with partners, and 1:1 coaching to maximize your personal board profile. Approximately 2-4 hours a week of work during home study.

PART II - The Follow up Day Program:

The follow-up day will include next steps and review of board governance, board preparation and accounting homework. There will also be practical participation in the session for valuable take-aways.  

One Full-day session

Board Preparation Topics:

o   How you show up

o   Board network

o   The Interview

o   Your Board Ready Profile

o   Board Resume

o   Your Personal Profile

o   Your Action Plan – Finding boards that would welcome you

Accounting Topics:

o   Review Accounting Game Workbook – Post-test

o   Finance Experts – Audit firm team

Board Governance Topics:

o   Legal Expert – D & O Insurance, liabilities, risks, regulators

o   Nomination/Governance

o   Board Etiquette

Graduation and VIP reception

Certification Exam:

After completing the course work, candidates will be given the Board Qualified Certification Exam from Corporate Directors International LLC (CDI.LLC.D).


Only 16.6% of US F500 Boards are women. according to CS 3000 Gender report

Only 16.6% of US F500 Boards are women. according to CS 3000 Gender report


This board certification training will help to raise your profile and create a strategy for you to approach the selection process of getting on a corporate board. We explore the critical issues facing corporate boards now and, in the future, including how women on boards play a critical role and what to expect being the first, second or third female to join any particular board.

The most common way people get on boards is because of who they know. A key part of getting on a board is to establish relationships with key executives, directors, recruiters and community leaders as well as honing your communications skills to voice your desire to be on a board.  The number of board seats available at any given time is limited, so it is key to be prepared and willing to raise your hand when one comes along.

about the trainer

This program was specially designed by Michele Ashby, an active independent board member with over 18 years’ experience on corporate boards herself. Ms. Ashby is a seasoned corporate board member serving on six corporate boards since 2005. Michele’s long career in finance, mining, oil & gas and energy industries, along with her entrepreneurial successes have raised her profile in numerous arenas resulting in board positions. She has created and facilitated hundreds of conferences and meetings globally for over two decades. She is passionate about achieving gender balance in the board room (50/50) and dedicates herself to mentoring and teaching women how to win a board seat and make a difference from the top.

Through her personal business experiences, board positions, CEO roles and consulting, Ms. Ashby creates a dynamic environment for participants to engage in growing personally and professionally. Her experience in training groups of peers has shown how this type of structure leverages the expertise in the room while exhibiting good board practices which benefits the individual as well as the group.


The ideal candidate is any professional woman who seeks to join a corporate board sometime in her career and is passionate about making a difference, using her voice and collaborating with others at the highest levels. Women with financial literacy, business acumen, perspective and experience, including women business owners and entrepreneurs are included.  This program is also appropriate for members of nonprofit or private boards who wish to serve on corporate boards.    


Through assessment, analysis, and interaction this training provides deep background and insider knowledge to aid in understanding how to get on and become an effective board member.  Here are some of the things you will learn about during the program:

·                  Testing your readiness and building your personal strategy

·                  Developing your value proposition to use in your resume

·                  Composing your board resume

·                  Preparing for the interview process

·                  Understanding financial statements and finding red flags

·                  Understanding roles and responsibilities of board members

·                  Learn the importance of committees on boards and which committees fit you

·                  How women are perceived in the board room

·                  Working with and evaluating the CEO

·                  Communicating effectively with stakeholders, other board members                                   and management

·                  Evaluating your target companies

·                  Going after your first corporate board seat


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This 8-week program is done in a 4-day retreat workshop, followed by 6-8 weeks of home study and a full-day follow-up training day with practical tools for helping to land a board seat.

PART I - The 4-Day Retreat: For best focus and learning experience, the weekend retreat is held at a resort within 2 hours of a major city center.  The 4-Day retreat will allow for focus on the topic at hand, time for working on your board readiness and also time to relax and enjoy the amenities at the resort.

HOME STUDY: The 6-8 weeks in between the retreat at a resort and the one-day program in a city center, will be time for working on assignments, accountability meetings with partners, and 1:1 coaching to maximize the candidate’s personal board profile. Approximate time for Home Study is 2-4 hours per week.

PART II - The Follow up Training Day: The in-person follow-up day will include review of board governance, board preparation and accounting homework and include special guest presenters who are Subject Matter Experts in their fields of working with boards. There will also be practical participation in the session for valuable take-aways.  The end of the final training day will be capped off with a VIP reception for all graduates.

ACE Certification Exam: After completing all course work, candidates will be given the Board Qualified Certification Exam from Corporate Directors International LLC (CDI.LLC.D)which has been created by Subject Matter Experts for ACE LLC exclusively and covers the material from the curriculum of the ACE Board Training for Women. Once the candidate has passed, she will receive her certificate of completion and recognition as a certified board candidate - CDI.LLC.D.


To attain your application form, simply send your request for the application form to  Potential candidates, must complete an application form and submit for review and approval.

Candidates are admitted on a space-available basis so early application is strongly encouraged. Once you are notified of acceptance, you will be sent a registration form for the ACE Board Training Programs available.


Program fee of US$7,500 (Early Bird is US$7,000 – see registration forms for cut-off dates) and is due at time of registration. Fees include tuition, lodging, meals, books, case materials, workbook and CDI Certification Exam.  The fee also covers lodging and meals for the 4-Day Retreat and Full-Day Program.  The fees do not cover airfare or transportation.  Information about room reservations will be included in the confirmation letter after registration forms are processed.

After admission notification, we will send you a registration form via email with payment details. Payment is required prior to the program start date.

Because attendance is limited to a small number of people and the ACE Board Training for Women requires significant advance preparation and room deposits on your behalf, it is important that you contact us in a timely manner if you must cancel or defer your attendance.

If you need to cancel or defer participation, you must submit your request in writing more than 30 days before the start of the program to defer to another session or nominate an acceptable substitute in your place.  Program fees are non-refundable, but attendees may defer to another session within 12 months.



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